Rainy day secrets every home buyer needs to know

Ray White Elanora real estate agents Laura and Robbie Robinson brave the rain to set up for an open house inspection
House hunters — don the brolly and gumboots and get set to make a splash at that open home inspection.
While the rain keeps most people away, property insiders say wet weather provides the best conditions to uncover hidden truths about a home.
And if it turns out to be your dream home, savvy buyers who brave the rain may have an opportunity to make their offer while the usual competition is left high and dry.
Buyers agent and host of Buy Your Side podcast Michelle May said while property owners prayed for sunshine to showcase their home, rain exposed issues that could otherwise be hidden by strategic styling.
Buyers agent Michelle May says to research how the property and local area are affected by rain. Picture: Richard Dobson
“Look out for drips, leaks, areas of pooling water, or moisture on the walls. You should also pay attention to smell. Heavy rainfall can lead to damp or musty odours in homes that don’t have proper circulation, leading to mould issues or rot down the line,” Ms May said.
Buyers could also best guage internal lighting on cloudy and overcast days, she said.
“No one wants to live in a property that turns into a dark cave every time it rains, so flick the lights on and off for a sense of the natural light.
“And don’t forget to take the time to check out the outside of the property. If the front garden has become a swamp or the gutters overflow, consider them red flags.”
Astute buyers are still out, says Mr Robinson
Ray White Elanora agent Robbie Robinson said the recent string of wet weather weekends had not only dampened spirits, but also kept numbers down at open home inspections.
Just two weeks have been free from rain on the Gold Coast so far this year.
“It’s certainly nice to view homes when the sun is shining and the properties all look at their best,” Mr Robinson said.
“However, there are purchasers out there who think the best time to buy a home is during the wet seasons. They believe that a good downpour may find issues that could remain unnoticed during the drier months.
“Some lookers may hibernate in stormy weather, but the real, genuine, determined and astute buyers are still out there in force, regardless of weather conditions,” he said.
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Ms May advised obtaining flood maps from local council to research the area before making an offer on a property.
“Seeing a property and the surrounding suburb one weekend in wet weather is one thing, but it’s important to consider the property’s future as well. With climate change heading the way it is, the weather is only set to become more extreme, leaving more and more properties susceptible to flooding or water damage issues,” she said.
On the plus side, the pools are looking full. Pictured is 37 Rainbird Cl, Burleigh Waters
“I’ve seen too many people ignore the potential for floods when buying their dream property and they usually end up with hefty insurance quotes because the area is high risk.”
While an average home repair job typically starts from $150, that cost escalates to up to $30,000 or even more for emergency and flood-related damage, said Shannyn Laird, head of customer experience at property management company, :Different.
:Different property expert Shannyn Laird says rain causes costly damage including leaks, mould, electrical and structural issues

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