OnlyFans star Jackson O’Doherty offloads ‘cursed’ party house

OnlyFans millionaire Jackson O’Doherty has sold his Gold Coast mansion.
OnlyFans millionaire Jackson O’Doherty has sold his luxury party pad and left the country in a dramatic bid to escape the “dangerous cycle” of weekly wild antics which took place at the Gold Coast mansion.
The social media sensation and prankster offloaded the sprawling estate for $3.1m, one year after purchasing the renovated seven-bedroom, seven-bathroom property for $2.9m in July 2021.
The lavish octagon-shaped home with atrium-style ceilings, resort pools and a tennis court became headquarters for O’Doherty’s ‘lifestyle brand’, Jackson’s Playground, where he hosted a serious of extravagant events costing hundreds of thousands of dollars.
But in a video address, the 28-year-old said the designer digs had proved both, “a blessing and a curse”.
The home has a resort-style pool. Picture: NIGEL HALLETT
“The reason for selling the house was it has turned into a bit of a blessing and a curse at the same time,” he said.
“Don’t get me wrong, we’ve made some unforgettable, amazing memories at the house, but…I just got very caught up in a very unhealthy, dangerous cycle of going around drinking, doing a whole bunch of dumb sh*t every single week, ruining my health — my mental health, my physical health.
“The whole Jackson’s Playground brand is about that — lifestyle, fun, getting out there, ripping in, partying, being reckless — but I just don’t think it’s sustainable,” he said.
O’Doherty revealed he had packed up the home and left Australia, with plans to join a training camp and fight in a boxing match in the UK by December.
He bought the mansion after raking in $4m to $5m from OnlyFans over a 12-month stint
creating X-rated content for the subscription platform with then-girlfriend, Maddy Belle.
O’Doherty at his Halloween-themed housewarming event.
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A Halloween-themed housewarming bash marked the property’s debut as Australia’s newest party hub, with hundreds of guests at the 10-hour festival entertained by DJs and live performers, while frozen cocktails were served from multiple bars, and a pyrotechnic display lit up above a jetski show in the pool.
Highlights from other events included a lavish white-themed new year’s eve rave, where 300 guests were offered free-flowing alcohol and free tattoos while entertainment included raunchy circus acts and roaming exotic animals.
“Too much crazy stuff has been happening since I bought this house, from the fire twirlers, peformers, little people, stilt walkers, the motorbikes, the girls in the pool, all the artists,” O’Doherty said.
“One of my favourite moments of my parties was when the jetpack guys were over there in the pool flying around.”
‘blessing and a curse’
A jetpack launched from the pool during a party at the home
The glamorous property on a 4232sq m lot has a unique eight-pronged floorplan and was purchased by O’Doherty fully furnished and styled with high-end decor.
Parties flowed from the home’s grand dining room to a huge al fresco entertaining pavilion and granite bar flanked by the 47m lagoon-style pool and a poolhouse.
O’Doherty began recording slapstick pranks with mates which he posted to Facebook from age 15.
In 2020, he travelled to the US to collaborate with other influencers and met Belle, who introduced him to the lucative adult content creation industry.
O’Doherty has previously spoken of his mental health struggles and living with ADHD as well as chronic health issues which have left him bedridden for extended periods of time.
Property records reveal the latest offmarket sale was negotiated in June by Place Estate Agents Kangaroo Point.

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