Coal baron’s daughter buys a slice of the Gold Coast off pizza king

The apartment in the boutique SEA building sold for $7.8m on May 4.
The daughter of one of the founders of Qld’s mining sector is the new owner of a beachfront apartment listed by Don Meij, the head of one of the state’s most successful brands Domino’s Pizza.
Margaret Howard-Smith – the daughter of Sir Leslie Thiess, a coal and construction baron considered one of the founders of Qld’s rampaging mining sector via Thiess mining and building services – bought the 374sq m apartment with husband Ian, who also spent his working life in mining.

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Inside the stunning apartment by the beach.
Mr Meij saw a $2.45m price gain in two years of owning the apartment.
The couple paid $7.8m for the Main Beach apartment. which was a $2.45m gain for Mr Meij in just two years of owning the property.
The Howard-Smiths’ most recent real estate listing was an 80 hectare estate, Mount Haven, near Rockhampton that they had gone into with son John and his wife Jade.
Surely this is one of the best views from a kitchen counter in Qld.
Front row seats at the beach.
A quarter of that site was sold off for $2.5m in December 2020 by the younger Howard-Smiths.
The Thiess empire started with a single road work contract won by Les Thiess in 1927 with the firm bought out by Leightons Holdings.

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