At home with Nick ‘Honey Badger’ Cummins and girlfriend Alexandra George

The Honey Badger and girlfriend Alexandra George have moved into their new Broadbeach Waters home with their kelpie puppy, Dougie. Pic: Instagram

Nick ‘Honey Badger’ Cummins slept on a swag during the build of his waterfront home, but has revealed evenings took a romantic turn when girlfriend Alexandra George moved in.
Since going public with their relationship in January, the loved-up couple has been putting the finishing touches on a stunning five-bedroom home in Broadbeach Waters on the Gold Coast.

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var result = minutes + “:” + (seconds < 10 ? "0" + seconds : seconds); return result; } })(window.videojs); It’s a new chapter of domestic bliss for the international rugby player turned reality TV star, who stunned audiences in 2018 when he turned down both final contenders on The Bachelor. That last red rose is now firmly in the hands of jewellery designer George. The loved-up couple on the recently completed waterfront deck. She was on a girls’ trip to WA’s outback Kimberley region in 2020 when she first met Cummins, who was there with a local tour guide mate. George, “put her best foot forward”, joked Cummins in typical larrikin style, and this year they moved in together on the Gold Coast to be closer to his terminally ill dad, Mark, and family. MORE NEWS: Jealousy runs rampant in latest Block challenge Nanna’s reality check for greedy buyers The Burleigh “caravan” home that sold for $2 million “It’s always good to have a place to come back to that feels like home,” Cummins said. “When you come back and you’re a bit tired and the car’s full of red dirt; it’s an easy thing to park yourself here on the deck, light a few candles. “The night scene is romantic, you might say. I’m probably not the most romantic human. It’s more about choosing the right girl,” he said. Honey Badger: “It’s about choosing the right girl.” Cummins purchased the 551sq m block for $775,000 in January 2019. The existing 1970s home was knocked down to make way for a luxury double-storey home with a cinema room. “It was our first project together and it turns out she’s pretty handy on the design front,” Cummins said. “From when we had it built I was in by myself there sleeping on a swag in the main bedroom. “I had a little coffee table my brother had made…and I had two camp chairs and I was sort of cool with that, but when Alex got here she talked some sense into me.” Honey Badger plans to host family for Christmas lunch at the new house. MORE NEWS Nanna turns down highest offer on family home to help first home buyers Emerging developer unveils wild Palm Springs man cave project The Block’s tackiest room slammed The pair is now looking forward to summer evenings spent watching the sunset from their recently completed deck, which overlooks the water and features a raised jacuzzi, sunken fire pit and lounge setting. Cummins said he chose wood-composite decking by Trex which was easy to maintain and environmentally friendly. “Every 4.9m deck board is made up of 2,250 recycled plastic bags that would otherwise go to landfill. “We’ve got another property off-the-grid out in the bush so we are all about trying to have a minimal footprint and look after Mother Earth first, so we thought we’ve got to get onboard with that,” he said. He filmed the second season of Off the Grid with the Badger in Arnhem Land. Now, all that’s needed to complete the dream home setup is to install a new pontoon at the water’s edge. “We’ll be getting a 9m sort of a cruiser; something you can still throw a line out the back and have a fish but then you’ve still got a couple of seats in there so you can get the cheese and wine out and have a bit of a cruise,” Cummins said. Cummins, 33, joined the cast of SAS Australia in 2020, marking a return to reality TV after dumping both Brittany Hockley and Sophie Tieman in the shock sixth season finale of The Bachelor. George and Honey Badger will film a new series in Far North QLD. He has also filmed the second season of Off the Grid with the Badger in Arnhem Land, and runs the Rogue Gentlemen’s Club, where men are led on defining missions through remote Australia. The post At home with Nick ‘Honey Badger’ Cummins and girlfriend Alexandra George appeared first on

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