AREC 2022: How Gold Coast agent Hanan Cawley overcame his fears

AMBITIOUS Gold Coast real estate agent Hanan Cawley was riddled with fear when he started his real estate career in rural Queensland four years ago.
Speaking at the sold-out Australasian Real Estate Conference (AREC) on the Gold Coast on Monday, he said he had just left a commercial fisherman job in New Zealand and had never owned a suit when he found himself starting his real estate career in Toowoomba – 125km west of Brisbane.

Hanan Cawley addressed the crowd at AREC 2022.
Hanan Cawley in action at AREC 2022.
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“Four years ago I was given a phone, laptop, and a login to RP Data, “ he told the audience.
“I wasted three months of my career paralysed with fear with no idea how to get over it.”
Mr Cawley said there were three pillars he used to overcome his fear – confidence, consistency and discipline.

AREC founder John McGrath and MC Tom Panos at AREC 2022.
Hanan Cawley speaks at AREC 2022.
“As kids when our training wheels are taken off our bikes there’s absolutely no way we rode successfully the first time,” the 26-year-old Harcourts Coastal agent said.
“Over a period of getting up when we fall and constantly getting back on the bike no matter how hard it is, it gets easier.
“The same thing applies to new agents.
“We expect we will hit it big over the first 12 months.
“The reality is you’re probably going to stuff it up for six months and get absolutely nothing out of it but if you can see that through you’re probably going to stay in the industry.”

Movie star Matthew McConaughey was part of a star-studded line-up of speakers sharing their wisdom at AREC.
Mr Cawley said believing in what you’re selling was also crucial to securing new listings.
“When you start to get rejections you need to push past them,” he said.
“If you don’t truly believe in your product or service, it’s going to be really hard to sell it to people,” he said.
In closing his talk, Mr Cawley shared real-life experiences in which he had to deal with problems that had come up at his settlements.
He recalled one incident where a buyer had turned up with their furniture to find the unit was not vacant.
“I told her I was going to pay for the removalist,” he said.
“Problems in your business are opportunities to turn clients into raving fans.
“Go the extra mile, it’s worth it.”

Matthew McConaughey speaks at AREC 2022 real estate conference on the Gold Coast
AREC, now in its 24th year, includes 33 leading speakers, motivational coaches and industry shapers from around the world in a program that’s attracted 4000 real estate heavyweights.
Movie star Matthew McConaughey was part of a star-studded line-up of speakers that also included Seth Godin and Mel Robbins.
Other Gold Coast agents to address the crowd included Kollosche’s Michael Kollosche and LJ Hooker Robina’s Jessica Melling.

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