Beloved Australian television icon Noni Hazlehurst selling lush country estate

Logie-winning actor and Australian television icon Noni Hazlehurst is selling her beloved Gold Coast Hinterland residence of two decades.

Hazlehurst, whose multi-decade career has spanned film, television, and theatre roles, has made the tough decision to downsize from her sprawling 4047sqm Tamborine Mountain residence, which is set for auction next month.

The bush home of Logies Hall of Fame recipient Noni Hazlehurst has hit the market. Picture:

Many episodes of Better Homes and Gardens were filmed at the estate during the 10 years she hosted the popular lifestyle program.

The picturesque residence, known as ‘The Gables,’ features four bedrooms, three bathrooms, a pool, and extensive manicured gardens.

“It’s been a fantastic family home for 20 years but it’s just too much for me now, so I am going to downsize,” Hazlehurst said.

Noni raised her two boys in the home. Picture: Getty

“Getting it ready [for sale] I think was the hard part because I had to go through every drawer and every cupboard and start to declutter the collection of a lifetime of stuff.

“But yeah, that kind of brought it home for me. But now it’s looking lovely and it’s the best time of year – all the flowers are coming out and the temperature is nice and stable, so it’s really at its peak.”

The home features multiple formal and informal entertaining and living areas. Picture:

The beloved Playschool presenter said the home was a beautiful place to retreat during the pandemic, with its gardens rich in gardenias, jacaranda trees, and lots of ducks, parrots, and black cockatoos.

“I just felt lucky every day that I got pleasure from the birds and the weather and the sky, which is so crystal clear.

“I was sitting in my kitchen yesterday. On the veranda, what’s called a ‘land mullet’ walked past. They’re unique to this area. They’re black and have the face of a snake and the body of a lizard, and this baby one was not quite half a metre. They’ve got scales like a fish… they’re really cute.”

The grounds of the estate are spectacular. Picture:

In the 20 years Hazlehurst has owned the property, she worked extensively on establishing the gardens, added a new staircase, and expanded the ground floor space.

She has also completely renovated the bathrooms and the kitchen.

“I couldn’t have afforded anything like this in Sydney or Melbourne,” she said.

“As an actress in Australia, it just wasn’t an option to live anywhere where I would feel comfortable living. We were in the Blue Mountains for years, the boys and I, before we came up here. I have to go to cities for work and that’s enough – I really need this nature around me.”

Noni now plans to downsize once the home sells. Picture:

Hazlehurst’s two sons were six and 12 when she first moved to the property. Her enormous master bedroom was another favourite spot as they became teenagers.

“It’s like a flat and certainly as the boys got older it was really nice to have somewhere to retreat to while they were watching something loud on television,” she said.

The home has four bedrooms and three bathrooms. Picture:

Selling agent Rhondda Arentz of Ray White Rural – Queensland said there were two elements to this one-of-a-kind property.

“The property itself is perfectly Mount Tamborine,” Ms Arentz said.

“The house itself has lots and lots of character and all the features like fireplaces, for those beautiful warm winter nights, and its character and architecture – it’s a Cape Cod-style home.”

Noni has lived in the home for 20 years. Picture:

The second element of the home’s story is its lush, picturesque setting, she said.

“Tamborine Mountain is one of those places, if it grabs you, it grabs you for life. There are a lot of people like Noni who have lived there for decades. The next person will probably live there for 20 years.

“If they connect with it in their heart, then they never want to leave.”

The property is set to go under the hammer on Friday 16 December.

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