Zombie agent’s ‘ghost encounter’ at Gold Coast property

Gold Coast real estate agent Alex Fleri in short movie Zombies are People Too, which was filmed on the Gold Coast.
IT’S spooky season and “zombie” real estate agent Alex Fleri has no shortage of ghost encounters.
With Halloween around the corner, we asked some of the city’s agents if they had any “creepy” or ghoulish” listings on the go.
Mr Fleri, a Gold Coast-based agent who also works as a movie stuntman, said his latest paranormal experience was in the Gold Coast Hinterland.

It’s spooky season and real estate agent Alex Fleri has no shortage of ghost encounters.
His Mudgeeraba listing included a sprawling mansion but it was an abandoned cottage on the property where Mr Fleri said the action really took place.
“I walked into this cottage and something hit me like a wall,” said Mr Fleri, who works for agency Amir Prestige.
“For me, I felt a very heavy energy and I could almost feel this electricity in the room.
“It was like walking through concrete. I said to (wife) Victoria don’t come in, I think this place is haunted.”

Alex Fleri says he felt a “heavy energy” when he entered this cottage.
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Mr Fleri said he did let the buyer know they might have some company – friendly company of course.
“The vendor, who was quite spiritual, said she could feel the energy and said it was a friendly spirit who enjoyed company,” Mr Fleri said.
Despite the alleged paranormal activity, Mr Fleri managed to sell the property including the cottage.
“If you’re susceptible to energy, ghosts and spirits and what not you will feel it, otherwise people just think you’re crazy,” he said.
“The family who bought the property didn’t feel a thing, it didn’t affect them whatsoever.”

Alex Fleri and his wife, Victoria are real estate agents with Amir Prestige.
Mr Fleri said agents had a duty of care to inform potential buyers of any crimes committed in properties they were marketing.
“We do have to disclose crime scene locations or let potential buyers know if somebody has passed away in the property,” Mr Fleri said.
“Obviously that’s something that people can be put off by.
“But of course when it comes to ghosts it’s totally subjective. How do we prove they are there? We can’t actually prove something is haunted.”
Mr Fleri recently took part in the filming of Zombies Are People Too on the Gold Coast.
The short film, in which he plays a stunt zombie, took place at a Bundall house that was made to look like a zombie apocalypse.
It is set for release next year.

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