This Queensland region is an investor’s dream: here’s how you can get into the market

Imagine waking up and enjoying a coffee as you take in the view of the idyllic sandy strip right in the heart of the Gold Coast.

This is the reality for a lot of people choosing to partake in the great migration to South East Queensland, driving demand for property through the roof and, for a lot of investors, increasing their rental yields and passive income.

In fact, REA data shows the wider region of South East Queensland has seen an annual growth rate of 2.1% across all 12 LGAs.

Suburbs like Springbrook on the Gold Coast have an average of 91 potential renters per house listing, with Stapylton not far behind at 75.

The suburb of Berrinba in Greater Brisbane has a staggering 295 potential renters per unit listing, with Durrak following in at 177.

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var result = minutes + “:” + (seconds < 10 ? "0" + seconds : seconds); return result; } })(window.videojs); The up-and-coming area of Bilinga Beach is quickly becoming an investing hotspot, known for its enviable beach lifestyle and laid-back vibe, as well as its proximity to shops, bars, restaurants, and local attractions. It’s a hidden gem that’s quiet enough to provide peace and serenity, but close enough to the action of the Gold Coast for all your recreational needs – making it an investor’s dream. Just a five-minute drive from Coolangatta Airport in the Gold Coast, Bilinga has seen 61% growth in median dwelling prices over the last five years alone. This bodes well for investment in the area, where the potential for renting compared to the rest of Queensland sits at a massive 673%. The lifestyle on offer around Bilinga Beach is part of the appeal for investors. Picture: Hannah Puechmarin The latest data also shows homes in Bilinga have an average of 57 potential renters per listing. The area is fast becoming a hotspot, like its sister suburb Coolangatta, for those keen on a beachfront lifestyle without the hustle and bustle of busier neighbourhoods close by. Here’s how you can own your own slice of paradise in one of the Gold Coast’s most enviable locations, and what you can do with your new investment. It all starts with just $10 Fancy being able to sit in pure serenity in your own five-level Gold Coast apartment complex just steps from the beach. While usually the stuff of dreams, this could become your reality thanks to RSL Art Union who are offering the chance to win a $6.6 million apartment complex including $500,000 in gold, for the price of a couple of coffees. Deborah Pescott, general manager of lotteries commercial and investments at RSL Art Union, says that “this is a prize where the winner really may never need to work again”. Luxe living Featuring four apartments each with two bedrooms and bathrooms, the fifth property consists of a two-level, four-bedroom penthouse with two bathrooms, a powder room, and a grand rooftop for all your entertaining needs. With shared parking and a BBQ, pool, and garden area, perfect for those breezy nights amongst the sunset and rush of the ocean. “It’s so different to everything else,” Pescott says. “The complex is right by the beach, captures great weather, and lifestyle options, and is totally luxe.” Luxe only begins to describe the complex and its interior styling. Luxe only begins to describe the interior styling of the Palm Springs Penthouse. Picture: Damien Bredberg  In terms of décor, you’re already sorted, with $425,213 worth of furniture and appliances already adorning the luxury complex. With global styling influences across each abode including Mediterranean, Scandinavian, Palm Springs chic, New York modern and Moroccan inspired décor, you’ll be spoiled for choice as for the abode that becomes the apartment of your dreams. Rental potential As part of the prize, the first year of the complex rates, water and body corporate fees are covered, which “allows people to take the time and digest the win,” Pescott says. After this, they estimate that the rental potential for staying in the penthouse apartment and renting the rest at $166,400 a year, while renting out the entire complex could generate an estimated $244,400 per annum. Sell and cash in An alternative to renting out your new investment is of course selling them instead, and with the prize total worth $6.6 million, it could be a very tidy sum of money coming into your bank. By selling, Pescott says “the winner can set themselves up with their dream life from the start.” The prize also includes $500,000 in gold, which only further adds to setting yourself up for a comfortable life. Keep the complex and enjoy the serenity Looking to live out the waterfront dream yourself? It isn’t surprising, given the area’s proximity to the beach, cafes, restaurants, shopping, and live music, with the larger areas of Coolangatta and Palm Beach close by. And with over 300 days of sunshine per year, it makes for the perfect place to live out your new luxurious lifestyle over the water. “Bilinga has a great vibe, lots of restaurants and cafes, lots of hidden gems like Mount Bilinga,” Pescott says. “It’s become a real dining hot spot, and it’s so close to the hinterlands, Brisbane, nature walks and hiking trails.” And of course, for those looking for a vibrant evening scene, “there is also the nightlife of the Gold Coast.” Get your ticket to win For many people, owning their own home is a lifelong dream that can feel out of reach. By entering the RSL Art Union prize home lottery, they can take a chance at that dream becoming a reality. “Every ticket sold goes towards helping veterans and their families,” Pescott says. “Everything we do is about improving quality of life for our veterans - community building, support for families, well-being and mental health support.”   So, if you've ever dreamed of becoming a property mogul, one $10 ticket in RSL Art Union Draw 405 could be your chance at winning a $6.6. million life-changing opportunity. T&Cs apply. Draw AU405 closes 24/05/23. Drawn: 31/05/23. Images correct at time of photography. See for details. The post This Queensland region is an investor’s dream: here’s how you can get into the market appeared first on

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