How Aussie homeowners can earn up to $315 a WEEK just by renting out a spare room to an international student

Gold Coast homeowners are being encouraged to rent out their spare rooms to international students for extra cash amidst the rental crisis.

It’s estimated around 32,000 overseas students will jet over to the Queensland city to study this year.

‘Host of the Coast’ has been launched to help students find accommodation during their stay due to the critical shortage of rental properties available. 

The initiative was launched by the city’s peak educational body, Study Gold Coast, in partnership with the local government.

It’s estimated around 32,000 international students will move to the Gold Coat to study this year (stock image)

There has also been support from the state government, Study Match, Tyler International and the Australian Homestay Network. 

Residents who put their hand up can earn $250 to $315 per week to allow one student to rent out a spare room. 

They can also choose how long they are willing to rent out a room to a student. 

Gold Coast homeowners have been sent letters from the mayor’s office that encourages them to consider renting out a spare room.

Study Gold Coast CEO, Jennine Tax, said last month:’ A letter is going to 55,000 households and those areas have been identified based on their proximity to educational institutions.’

On the Study Gold Coast website, the initiative says, ‘International students enrich the quality of our lives and have so much to offer’.

‘You can broaden your horizons and bring the world into your home by opening your doors to students from more than 130 different countries.’

Study Gold Coast CEO, Jennine Tax (pictured), has spearheaded the initiative, ‘Host for the Coast’

Study Gold Coast adds that there are ‘accommodation shortages across the world and by opening your door to an international student you can help alleviate the current crisis here on the coast’.

In return, it says homeowners can take advantage ‘of the opportunity to learn a new language or creating a cultural experience while being paid for providing much needed accommodation’.

There is a shortage of rental properties in all of the major cities across the country, with the Gold Coast having one of the worst shortages in the country.

The city’s rental vacancy rate is currently at 0.7 per cent and the median Gold Coast rental price has increased by 30 per cent since 2020.  

Council figures reveal there are over 300 free standing homes listed as short-term accommodation in the Gold Coast, as reported by the ABC. 

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