Ok so we’re curious, how much do you know about buyer’s agents? Many of us think of The Block, and assume they spend their days bidding at uber luxe auctions. Yeah, nah – that’s only a small part of the story.

Did you know that irrespective of budget, a good buyer’s agent can add significant value for any buyer, at any stage of the buying process and in any market? And, they certainly do a lot more than don poker faces and speed-dial clients at auction bidding wars. They’re end-to-end property sourcing and securing experts, scoping, evaluating, negotiating and/or bidding like a boss!

So, whether you’re a time-poor buyer, someone seeking their first abode, or an investor keen to add a Gold Coast property to your portfolio, here are seven reasons why buyer’s agents are worth their weight in gold.

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You’re the client!Unlike a real estate agent who is working on behalf of the seller, a buyer’s agent is working for you! So, you can have full confidence that they have your best interests at heart, with no hidden agendas. From go to whoa, you – the client – are their numero uno.

Experience mattersWe look to Insta for style expertise right, so why wouldn’t we do the same with a big-ticket item (okay, the biggest ticket item) like a property? Buyer’s agents do this Every.Single.Day. They’re experts at negotiating, often suggest different strategies, and understand all the nuances and tricks of the trade. 

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They know the area inside out and back to frontThink you know the GC? Sure, most of us do…but not like these guys. Their local knowledge – applied specifically in a real estate context – is second to none. And if you’re an interstate buyer/investor unfamiliar with the area, a buyer’s agent is a bona fide godsend.

Save time and stressThose of us who have embarked on the laborious house hunting journey are acutely aware of how all-consuming it can be. Buyer’s agents do all the background research and real estate agent liaison, traipsing around open homes, negotiating, and bidding at auction. Translation, they make it easy as 1,2,3…SOLD!

Get access to off-market opportunitiesThe intel you’re tapping into when you engage a buyer’s agent is priceless. Purchasing property on the Gold Coast is quite tactical and using a buyer’s agent can provide the edge. Their extensive networks mean they hear about off-market opportunities before us mere mortals.

They’re not emotionally attachedThis is especially important when push comes to shove at negotiation stage and at auction. Unlike a buyer who may have fallen head over heels with the chi of a house, a buyer’s agent couldn’t give a toss – in the best possible way! They won’t let anything cloud their judgement or reflect in their bidding, so there’s no risk of an emotional purchase.

Maximise value and ultimately save dollarsFor all of the reasons listed above, a good buyer’s agent will get you the best deal possible. Yes, there is of course a fee to enlist their services, but the savings you make along the way will far outweigh that initial outlay.

Cool, so now you know why Buyer’s Agents are actual kryptonite for finding and purchasing property. But with a growing number of them on the Coast, who should you trust?

Article source: www.insidegoldcoast.com.au

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