Main Beach Superyacht Marina to Bring Mystery International Luxury Brand to Gold Coast

The lively Gold Coast is one of Australia’s most popular destinations for marine enthusiasts. Apart from the endless sandy beaches and ocean-based theme parks, there are canals, rivers and of course the open ocean.

These picturesque superyacht playgrounds are lined with luxurious properties, many of which feature private jetties. It’s therefore little surprise that a world-class superyacht marina that will have superyacht berths for vessels up to 75 metres in length is in the pipeline.

Dion Gianarelli, Director of the Main Beach Superyacht Marina, sat down for a conversation with The Market Herald Fancy, From The Deck’s Iolande Skinner at the Sydney International Boat Show 2022.

I think with the offering that we have got on our property, the six-star luxury brand, which at the moment I can’t announce, that will bring some pretty heavy hitters to the Gold Coast. It’s a beautiful brand and we’re very excited to bring that and have that attached to our marina.Dion Giannarelli, Director, Main Beach Superyacht Marina

He talked about property development, the need for more and larger berths on the Gold Coast and a mystery “six-star” luxury brand that will soon make its debut in the seaside destination.

Acquiring the iconic landmark site was a coup for his development company and Dion is very excited about the future possibilities for superyachts on the Gold Coast. Main Beach Superyacht Marina will have a total of seven berths for superyachts over 60 metres, up to a maximum of 75 metres in length.

Along with the usual dock master services, the marina will provide an opulent experience for guests, servicing their every need and providing a kind of “yacht service,” which Gianarelli describes as room service, but for yachts.

You can imagine sitting in your jacuzzi after a day cruise, watching the sunset while sipping champagne, or engaging the services of the on-site laundry and drying off with fresh towels after you have finished your soak.

The proposed pool design exudes opulence | Source: Giannarelli Group

Gianarelli thinks it is these experiences the Gold Coast is lacking and the introduction of a world-class superyacht marina for the Gold Coast will make the destination a more attractive one for superyacht owners, charterers and guests.

We think there’s definitely a need for larger vessels to have berthing options on the Gold Coast and there’s so many people coming now from overseas, back to Australia and enjoying our beautiful waterways. So, those boats need to have places to stay while they’re here. We think there’s definitely a need for it, we might as well make it happen.Dion Giannarelli, Director, Main Beach Superyacht Marina

Dion sees a future for his brand in the marina development industry, describing the recreational superyacht industry as a “sexy industry to be a part of” and plans on building upon the Main Beach Superyacht Marina brand.

The concept for Main Beach Marina promises luxury | Source: Giannarelli Group

Charters have a promising future ahead of them and Gianarelli said that in his experience, markets are changing. People showing interest in buying larger superyachts and particularly those looking to charter one are realising very quickly that costs are coming down and the superyacht experience is becoming more accessible.

If you are thinking about chartering or buying a superyacht there are many ways to do this including share options. Sales Broker of One Brokerage Nikki Walton sat down with Iolande Skinner From The Deck at the Sydney International Boat Show to explain the benefits of this model.

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