Luxe Listings Sydney star Gavin Rubinstein says the real estate industry in for major shake-up

PROPERTY powerhouse and Luxe Listings Sydney star Gavin Rubinstein says the real estate industry will go through a major shake-up as the market turns.
“A lot of agents who have come in over the past two to three years and have seen an easy listing and easy sale situation are going to get a real metaphoric punch in the mouth,” said Mr Rubinstein, who founded the recently rebranded TRG agency.

Luxe Listings cast Monika Tu, Simon Cohen, D’Leanne Lewis and Gavin Rubinstein in March, 2022. Picture: Tim Hunter.
“I think it will clear out the industry.
“The difference with me is I cut my teeth through the GFC.
“In 2008 I learnt my skill set and have perfected my craft for times like this.”
Mr Rubinstein, who was on the Gold Coast on Monday for Ray White’s Connect 2022 conference, is a leading agent in Sydney’s Eastern suburbs and a regular top performer for the Ray White Group.
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Despite predicting an industry shake-up, the 34-year-old who started his career with Ray White as a 19-year-old, said he wasn’t worried about a market shift.
“I can’t necessarily control what the market is doing but in a new climate I can control running a flawless process for my clients to make sure I get them the most amount of money,” said Mr Rubinstein, who returned from a holiday in Europe over the weekend.

TRG team: Managing Director Jarryd Rubinstein and founder Gavin Rubinstein. NSW Real Estate.
“There are always natural reasons for a property to trade.
“It’s too big, too small, an unfortunate death in the family, or financial.
“There’s many reasons that are not dictated by the market that will create a property transaction.”
Mr Rubinstein’s TRG agency last month dropped its Ray White branding but will stay part of the White family.
“For me it’s just about exploring a passion I’ve always had for marketing and branding,” he said.

Luxe Listings Sydney stars (L to R) Simon Cohen, D’Leanne Lewis and Gavin Rubinstein.
“This was a solution (Ray White Group managing director) Dan White and in particular myself came up with to allow me to stay connected to the White family which is a relationship I really value.
“It also gives me an ability to create my own brand specifically targeting luxury property which I’m passionate about.
“I’ve got this crazy taste for challenge and feel like whenever I’m persistent and focused on what I want and have that relenting approach to getting it, I usually do.”

Property guru and reality TV star Gavin Rubinstein was on the Gold Coast this week for the Ray White Connect conference. Picture: Toby Zerna
As well as penning multimillion-dollar deals, the property whiz and reality TV star is gearing up for the launch of season three of Amazon Prime Video’s Luxe Listings Sydney after filming finished last year.
“It was tough, there was no life outside of work,” he said.
“Mid-take my phone would ring and I always pick up my phone.
“One time I was in the car and a film crew was in there and a deal was crashing as I was talking.
“I got outside the car and got a little but emotional.
“The guys were a little bit stunned.”

Ray White Connect 2022 conference.
Ray White’s two-day Connect 2022 conference kicked off at the Gold Coast Convention and Exhibition on Monday with almost 3000 members coming together from across Australia, New Zealand and Indonesia.
Speakers included former New Zealand Prime Minister Sir John Key and world champion athlete Jana Pittman.

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