First look: Quirky home features of The Veronicas’ Gold Coast reno

The Veronicas Jess Origliasso and her fiancee, Alex Smith, at home on the Gold Coast. Photo: Adam Head

The Veronicas’ Jessica Origliasso has unveiled the spectacular beachfront love nest she is renovating with fiancee Alex Smith.

Origliasso, one half of chart-topping duo The Veronicas with twin sister Lisa, purchased the double-storey Gold Coast apartment in May, 10 months after her engagement to American jewellery designer Smith.

The $1.73m deal was handled by buyers’ agent Jake Edwards, who the couple hired after a year scouring online listings for a local base.

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var result = minutes + “:” + (seconds < 10 ? "0" + seconds : seconds); return result; } })(window.videojs); They made an offer from overseas for the 2-bedroom, 2-bathroom unit with views stretching from Coolangatta to Stradbroke Island, and it was snapped up within 12 hours. It is their first home project together, to be documented for an online series hosted by Mr Edwards, called Celebrity Renovations. In an exclusive interview, the loved-up pair said they would split their time between the dream Palm Beach pad and Smith’s LA condo. Brisbane-born Origliasso said the beach was the perfect antidote to their hectic work schedules. “It’s balancing Hollywood ambition with the good old Australian lifestyle,” the 38-year-old said. “My mum used to bring us down every Easter, specifically to this area, so I have beautiful memories here growing up with my family.” It is their first home renovation project together. Photo: Adam Head Waking for sunrise and ocean swims have become daily rituals, while the dining table is set with vibrant handpainted dinnerware found during a recent trip to Positano, Italy. “In LA, we’re in the thick of it, which is so much fun [but] we really would like to slow down and settle a little bit more,” Origliasso said. “Both lifestyles offer so much, but this is the lifestyle we’ve been missing. “We work around the clock, so for us it’s been really inspiring these last few weeks being able to wake up and go for a swim, rather than jumping on emails first thing.” A whirlwind romance across three continents culminated in their engagement 11 months after they met, having first struck up a connection online. The couple exchanged diamond rings in the skull-lined underground tunnels of the Catacombs of Paris. Waking up to this view Watching the sunrise and ocean swims have become daily rituals Smith, 30, is from a family of real estate developers and renovated the West Hollywood condo she purchased in 2015. “It’s a passion for me, renovations and developments are in my bloodline,” she said. “I feel very at home in Australia. This place is our first baby and it’s going to be our home.” The pair collaborated with Unik Projects and ABI Interiors to conceptualise an eclectic haven inspired by world travels and boutique hotels – Brisbane’s Calile is a favourite. “We really wanted to be inspired by the journey of our relationship. In the first year and a half, we just went to so many different places,” Origliasso said. They toured Australia, the US and Europe. The Veronicas perform at AFL Gather Round in Adelaide this year. Photo: Michael Klein MORE NEWS QLD shoe heiress steps away for a sea change Bronco Kotoni Staggs is Brisbane’s newest celebrity landlord High-flyers buy home mid-flight Works include replacing ageing terracotta floor tiles with timber, and upgrading the kitchen with an island bench to indulge their shared love of cooking, along with new bathrooms and replacing French doors and Juliet balconies. An under-stair nook will be transformed into a cocktail bar that doubles each morning as a station to prepare health tonics. A lavish master suite will occupy the top floor, complete with walk-in robe fitted with LED lighting to display Smith’s sneaker collection. The Veronicas at The Sydney Gay and Lesbian Mardi Gras Parade 2023. Photo: Monique Harmer The property will feature a neutral palette and natural textures, along with brass fixtures and Parisian-inspired green tiling. “We want it to feel like it has a lot of personality. We want it to be a little eccentric,” Origliasso said. After almost two decades in the Aussie music industry, The Veronicas signed with US label Big Noise in 2022 and will release a new single in October. A December completion date for the home revamp has been set to coincide with the twins’ birthday dinner to be hosted at the Gold Coast property. The post First look: Quirky home features of The Veronicas’ Gold Coast reno appeared first on

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