Inside the deal that became Qld’s top suburb record breaker in 2022

Alex and Victoria Fleri with colleague Kris Valcic of Amir Prestige Group. Picture: Nigell Hallett
Alex Fleri, his wife Victoria and colleague Kris Valcic sold Queensland’s top record breaking property in 2022, pushing the suburb’s top house price up 83 per cent.
Mr Fleri said the owner – Geoff Burchill, a renowned Queensland engineer – came to them after failing to sell it for about three months on the market elsewhere and was keen to settle it as soon as possible.
The trio pictured at Geoff Burchill’s estate. Picture: Nigel Hallett
“Geoff Burchill has since passed away last month, bless him. But he was a pleasure to deal with and a delight to have as a client. We changed the type of campaign and the vernacular and gave it the title of Burchill’s Estate. That was actually a name that I came up with to rebrand the property,” Mr Fleri said.
“Geoff Burchill was a bit of a legend in terms of hydraulic engineering. He did most of the Gold Coast’s early developments like Sanctuary Cove, Benowa, Emerald Lakes. Where the river has flood-plain issues or flood storage capacity issues, he would do all the hydraulic engineering and all the master plan for the flood mitigation of those suburbs. And Burchill’s Engineering in Brisbane still goes today, he sold the name with it,” Mr Fleri said.
“A lot of developers were sceptical about the flood storage capacity on that site because they didn’t understand the hydraulic engineering of it. So we put the name Burchills Estate on it to let the developers know. Of course he’d done some offset with Burchill Park next door – land they gave away to the council. Geoff has done his homework over the years and he’s bought the block with a specific purpose and intent.”
7 & 9 Eden Court, Nerang, Queensland 4211
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Mr Fleri said the site had an existing development approval for residential towers, but they asked for some concept work on what could be done there with house and land packages too for the campaign.
“He came up with that within pretty much 48 hours … he allowed for stormwater run-off corridors, some wider roads, flood storage capacity in the middle of the block, storage, drainage, and he had something like 26 homes as a subdivision that was doable there. That opened the customer base enormously. We could talk to developers who are no longer interested in towers, but want house and land subdivision. It creates more competition and more interest in the market.”
An auction date was set in order to provide a clear timeline to all potential buyers.
The site has an existing development approval in place
“It was really just a question of getting the developers into the buying mode quicker.”
“We actually had something like 135 inquiries in three weeks. I had one developer in particular swearing at me saying I’d only given him three weeks to do his numbers.”
With three offers in hand before the auction and a couple not quite ready, they postponed the auction to talk to five buyers over Christmas and the early 2022 lockdown period.
“Ultimately it’s gone to a very strong buyer who to my understanding has actually switched the DA back to the towers approved from years gone by.”
The whole process took “eight to nine weeks in total,” Mr Fleri said. “In the end, $7.75m, as Geoff put it, “close enough is good enough, let’s get a deal done”.
“He was able to tidy that up for the family and sell, and in true words rest in peace. Because it was on his mind and he wanted it done before he passed away.”

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