First time to market for ‘flood-proof’ Paradise Point home

The flood-proof home at Paradise Point is for sale for the first time in 47 years
War veteran Ron Bridges clung on for four days, vowing he’d never again let floodwaters take his family home like they did in that catastrophic event of 1974.
The mechanical engineer shifted his family from Brisbane to the Gold Coast, where he built an incredible house designed to withstand the wrath of QLD’s wild weather.
The ‘flood, cyclone and storm-proof’ Paradise Point home will go under the hammer this month for the first time in 47 years.
Dubbed ‘Casa Bridges’, the Mediterranean-inspired two-bedroom house at 14 Rouen Ave has stood the test of time, remaining today like a time capsule from the 1970s holding memories from three generations of the Bridges family who have laughed and cried together between those indestructible walls.
“Casa Bridges” when it was built in the 1970s
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Recalling her late-father’s tenacity, Stacey King said Mr Bridges had refused to leave their childhood home in the Brisbane suburb of Fairfield when the river broke its banks all those years ago, inundating the city to an extent comparable to last week’s rain bomb.
“Not only did the house go under, but it sat underwater for four days,” Ms King said.
“Finally when he saw the toilet lid floating he knew it was time to get out. I went down with the boat and got him out – the water was up to my thighs when I went in.”
Mr Bridges served with the Australian Army for 25 years in Japan, Korea and Darwin, among other posts, before taking on a role at the Enogerra Barracks. He was survived by wife, Lois, who died recently aged 96.
Exposed rafters and crushed wheat ceilings make a statement inside
The home has a Mediterranean feel inspired by the original owners’ world travels
Mr Bridges had already started building the “retirement house” at Paradise Point, but realised extra reinforcements were necessary to avoid another devastating experience come storm season.
Enhancements during construction included deeper footings, double brick, steel and a crushed wheat ceiling for added insulation.
“Because of the Brisbane floods, Dad wanted a floating slab. The secret was he poured solid concrete as every few bricks were laid and stuck steel rods into the foundation to hold the roof on,” Ms King said.
“Everything was designed with a lot of thought because of his experience living in QLD and knowing the weather.
“There’s a flat roof that’s bolted down under the slabs and it feels so solid that I feel like I’m in a fortress. When it rained, I left all the windows open,” she said.
The kitchen has been updated with modern appliances
The north-facing property on a 506sq m block is marketed by RE/MAX agents Kevin Brown and Phil Peterson.
“Not only does it have ocean at each end of the street but it is a character home full of warmth,” Mr Brown said.
“Given the duplex zoning and winning location, this property will no doubt appeal to developers.
“But I truly hope someone will fall in love with Casa Bridges and who knows, maybe another three generations can enjoy it just as it is,” he said.
The house will be auctioned onsite on March 30.
There’s two bedrooms and two bathrooms

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