Acrobats stage jaw-dropping open home takeover

Glitter Martini director Darcie Rae and performer Elena Khaw present A House, A Home. Picture: Glenn Hampson
Put down the remote — housing issues take centre stage as a troupe of acrobats commandeers a suburban home for their thought-provoking circus show.
Part of the Gold Coast Open Home Festival, A House, A Home trades the traditional big top or theatre for the bedrooms and living spaces of Kingfisher House, an award-winning architecturally designed property in Currumbin Waters.
The production by Glitter Martini with Generate GC creates an intimate experience for its audience, while highlighting the tensions faced by tenants who occupy a space that is fundamentally not theirs.
The show touches on housing issues. Picture: Glenn Hampson
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Director Darcie Rae described the performance as, “a theatrical open house, where [the audience] will meet the current residents”.
The cast comprises local circus artists, interacting with ordinary spaces in extraordinary ways as acrobatics, contortions, dance and juggling fill the familiar rooms of a family home.
Rae said A House, A Home explored the housing stress faced by many Australians, as soaring property prices through the pandemic and a shortage of rental homes left many without a secure roof over their heads.
Kingfisher House by PTMA Architecture. Picture: Scott Burrow
The home is located in Currumbin Waters. Picture: Scott Burrow
“What audiences are seeing when they attend this show is the mission of a real estate agent to sell this house as a shiny object, in juxtaposition to the real, joyful, and imperfect lives being lived inside the house by the tenants, whose future is uncertain while the home may be sold,” Rae said.
“This show explores the idea of the house as a commodity, versus the home as a place made by the people who live within it.
“While touching on deeper issues, A House, A Home is a fun, quirky, and engaging contemporary circus show that will delight, surprise, and leave you thinking about what home means to you.”
The home was built on sustainable principles. Picture: Scott Burrow
It’s a one-of-a-kind build. Picture: Scott Burrow
The venue, Kingfisher House, is a one-of-kind home combining luxury design with sustainability.
Homeowners Sean Triner and Christiana Stergiou bought the block in 2020 and tasked Peter McArdle of PTMA Architecture to conceive an energy-efficient and carbon-neutral design for a modern five-bedroom, two-bathroom house.
Built by Kai Konstruct, Kingfisher House received a Gold Coast Master Builders Housing and Construction Award in 2023 for excellence in sustainable living.
A House, A Home is performed across multiple rooms in the property, allowing audience members to get up close to the artists and interact with their work.
Walking from room to room, spectators may play Scrabble with a contortionist, or help an acrobat build the world’s most structurally unsound piece of Ikea furniture.
Rae said she aimed to create a circus work fostering a deeper connection between the artists and the audience. Picture: Scott Burrow
Rae said she aimed to create a circus work fostering a deeper connection between the artists and the audience.
“I took elements of immersive theatre and combined it with the incredible skills of circus artists in the familiar world of the home, creating something where audiences feel connected to the performers and the scenes while still being amazed by the things the performers can do,” she said.
“I loved creating opportunity for audience members to interact with the work, and experience the show rather than passively watch it.”
A House, A Home is showing at 2 and 4pm on September 9 and 10.
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